SMW-AUTOBLOK is amoung the leading manufacturers world wide of work holding for turning and grinding on machine tools with production facilities in Meckenbeuren, Germany and
Caprie, Italy.

We develop, produce and support all of our products, and thus set world wide standards in the industrie.

Our customers are in the following industries:
We employ about 650 people world wide, amoung these about 300 in Meckenbeuren / Germany.

Direct subsidiaries and agents world wide, enable us to offer a world wide competent service and support.
The name SMW-AUTOBLOK signifies the best performance in quality, power, accuracy, economy and easy handling. Comprehensive patents and constant new developments are the proof for our passion for new developments and innovations.
Our wide range of the shelf products ensures short delivery times. This is one reason, among many others, why we are considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of workholding for turning and grinding worldwide.

SMW-AUTOBLOK - always a step ahead.